Eva Colombo, Music for water women, fourth chapter: The bow and the rainbow
Perhaps the stone upon which Munch drew the portrait of the violinist Eva Mudocci was a stone fallen from the sky, perhaps Munch has simply made visible the face of the deity who inhabited that stone. Yes…It would be a stone fallen from the sky during a storm: when fire and water merge into each other, when the sky and the earth join each other. Eva whirls like a stormy cloud, one of those clouds that reminds human beings of sky’s actual existence. She is white, black and grey like lightning, ash and mud, like a storm that reminds human beings of colours being an undeserved gift. Upon her chest, an hexagonal brooch infuses serenity into her reminding her that six are the days of Creation, six are the colours of rainbow. She looks farther, she looks at the gleams of serene sky through the stormy clouds and she knows that when the rainbow will appear it will be the moment to seize the bow of her violin.
In Rossetti’s painting Veronica Veronese has just diverted her eyes from the rainbow and seized the bow of her violin. The storm is over and her soul is verdant, her soul blossoms. Upon her neck, a necklace made of silvery drops reminds her that rain and tears have been necessary to fecundate her soul. Now the turmoil is over and Veronica tastes some moments of quiet. She listens to a canary and perhaps she thinks of that rainbow, of that rain which has made visible the colours of the light. She seizes the bow of her violin and perhaps she blesses that tears and that bow which make the voice of her soul music for human ears.