Eva Colombo, Flowers and Sea, Third chapter: Limonium ( inspired by Dennis Stock’s photo Venice Beach Rock Festival 1968 )
You looked so frail. You were a flower child and I believed flowers were frail, I looked at you while you’re dancing and I believed the high tide would sweep you away soon. You danced and dreamed of being a flower so much powerful to bewitch the sea, you danced and knew that you would be stronger than the high tide. Many years later I saw you again, I recognized you at a glance: you were a limonium flower that the breeze made dance joyfully on the bitter ground of a saltmarsh in the Venetian Lagoon. You were a tiny limonium flower so much strong to change the high tide salt into honey, an honey as sweet as the memory of a sunny beach where we danced and dreamed of being flowers so much powerful to bewitch the sea.