Eva Colombo, Eyes that see in the dark, first chapter: Nocturnal lime – tree ( Inspired by Remedios Varo’s painting Female spirit of the night )
By daylight, lime – trees give shade. By night, lime – trees give light. Like the clouds that by daylight give shade and by night brighten the sky. By daylight you’re unable to read what it is written on the lime – trees bracts, those long golden leaves that wings the fruits. During the period of the summer solstice the golden bracts of the lime – trees sparkle in the sun like votive gold - leaves which bear inscriptions not to be read by human eyes. At sunset a merciful cloud, just one, veils the sun: then you approach those long golden leaves that look like golden wings, you look at them against the light, you try to decipher the message of their venation. But you can’t, the sun hinders you and the help of the cloud is not enough powerful. And yet when you still were into your mother’s womb you knew what that message was: it was a tale, your tale. During the period of the summer solstice your mother used to look at the lime – trees at sunset and you knew the message carried by their golden wings, you knew your tale. By seeing the light you’ve forgotten it. Now you know that you need to recall that tale, now you know that to you that tale is as precious as gold. But the summer solstice’s sun blinds your eyes: you can’t see, you can’t know. And at sunset you force yourself to go back home. While you’re going away from the lime – trees the fallen fruits creak under your feet like broken bits of an empty money – box. While you’re going away from the lime – trees the fallen bracts sparkle like gold – leaves of a treasure which someone has just disinterred by chance and being unable to believe his eyes has at once thrown again into the mud. At night you can’t sleep and you look at the waning moon which reminds you that what it seems to draw to an end is actually ready to start over again. Now it’s dark, now you have to go under the lime – trees. Do not be afraid, you will find them: at night lime – trees give light. At night lime – trees leaves throb like the heart of the sleepless ones, at night lime – trees fruits swing like the will of those ones unable to decide if it is better hope or fear the sunrise. At night lime – trees golden bracts sparkle like eyes that see in the dark: they will recognize you and they will tell you a tale. The tale that you knew before your birth, that tale which is to you as precious as gold: your tale.